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How to Enable BCMath PHP package .

The error “Call to undefined function Google\Protobuf\Internal\bccomp()” indicates that the Google Text-to-Speech API integration you’re using relies on a function called bccomp which is not enabled in your PHP environment.

Here’s how to fix this error:

  1. Enable BCMath Extension:

The bccomp function belongs to the BCMath extension in PHP. This extension allows for arbitrary precision arithmetic operations. By default, BCMath is included with PHP but might not be enabled.

There are two ways to enable BCMath depending on your hosting environment:

  • Shared Hosting: Check your hosting provider’s control panel. Look for options related to PHP configuration or extensions. You should find a way to enable the BCMath extension.
  • Local Development or Cloud Servers: You can enable BCMath by editing your php.ini file. Add the following line:
  1. Composer Dependency:

If you’re using Composer for package management, you might need to add the ext-bcmath requirement to your composer.json file:

"require": {
  "ext-bcmath": "*"

Run composer update after making this change.

Additional Tips:

  • Check Documentation: Refer to the documentation for the specific Text-to-Speech API integration you’re using in the text-to-audio-pro plugin. They might have specific instructions for enabling BCMath.
  • Clear Cache: After enabling BCMath, clear your WordPress cache to ensure the changes take effect.

By enabling the BCMath extension, you should be able to resolve the error and use the Google Text-to-Speech API in your WordPress plugin.

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