Empower Your Website with Accessibility

Revolutionize web accessibility with our Text To Speech TTS Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Why Choose Our Plugin

Stand out with our innovative text-to-speech solutions tailored for inclusive digital experiences.

Revolutionizing Accessibility

Improve accessibility for users with visual impairments.

Enhanced User Experience

Enhance user experience with an alternative way to consume content.

Unlock Global Accessibility

Reach a global audience with multilingual support.

Unlock the Power of Accessibility

Effortless Integration

Get started with Text-to-Speech in minutes! Our user-friendly plugin requires no coding knowledge and integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress website.

Simple Installation With No Account Creation Needed
Works Seamlessly With Popular Website Builders
Customizable Settings To Match Your Website’s Design

Enhanced User Experience

Offer an alternative way to engage with your website! Text-to-Speech allows users to listen to content while multitasking, commuting, or simply relaxing.

Improves Engagement And Satisfaction
Allows Users To Consume Content At Their Own Pace
Perfect For Busy Schedules And On-The-Go Users

Seamless Customization

Our plugin empowers you to personalize the Text-to-Speech experience to seamlessly integrate with your website.

Customizable Button Styles To Match Website
Granular Control Over Content Read Aloud
Adjustable Playback Options (Voice, Speed)

Solutions for Seamless Accessibility

Discover how we enhance user experiences and make web accessibility a reality.

Interactive Audio Playback

Seamlessly integrate audio playback functionality for enhanced user engagement.

Customizable Voices

Personalize the auditory experience with a wide range of voice options.

Mobile Compatibility

Enjoy accessibility on-the-go with mobile-friendly text-to-speech solutions.

Multi-Language Support

Ensure inclusivity with multilingual capabilities for diverse global audiences.

Downloadable Audio

Enable downloadable audio for a seamless offline listening experience.

Live Support

Get personalized assistance for a seamless integration experience.

Empower Your Website with
Text-to-Speech Pro

Empower your website with TTS Pro, the all-in-one Text-to-Speech plugin for WordPress. Make your content accessible and engaging for everyone, boost user experience with an alternative listening option, and integrate seamlessly in minutes. Upgrade to Pro to gain advanced features and customization options.

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Discover how our solutions have made a positive impact on our clients.

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