Refund Policy

At the heart of our ethos is a resolute commitment to the quality and integrity of our products. However, akin to all software, we acknowledge that there may be instances where our offerings might not seamlessly align with every user’s requirements at all times. In the event that you encounter a glitch within our products, rendering the system inoperable, we kindly request you to initiate a support ticket, granting us temporary administrative access to your website (comprising Username, Password, and Login URL). We strive to respond to support tickets within a minimum span of 3 days. Should we be unable to resolve the issue within this period, we take pleasure in offering a complete refund within 14 days from the date of your initial purchase. Please be aware that we cannot be held accountable for complications arising from third-party plugins. New feature request will be fill up in 14 working days.

A few salient points to consider:

Refunds in lieu of technical complications can only be dispensed if you grant us the opportunity to proper effective assistance. This entails either furnishing an intricate snapshot of the issue or conferring temporary access to your website, affording us the chance to identify and rectify the complications. In instances where we fail to solve the problem, a refund will be provided. Prior to submitting a refund request, we urge you to open a support ticket, describing the issue comprehensively along with some screenshots.

Also for the following reasons we do not provide refund.

  • Missing feature(s)
  • 3rd part conflict
  • Discovering a better alternative
  • Customer changed their mind

Refund requests are permissible solely within 14 days from the original purchase date. No refund petitions can be entertained after this stipulated duration.

Refunds will not be sanctioned if you just decide not to use the purchased product and also not for purchase by mistake.Our commitment extends to not only aiding you in resolving any challenges encountered but also to ensuring your sound understanding of the products you are purchasing and why you’re purchasing.

No refund will be issued for subscription auto renewals.

If you meet aforementioned criteria, you stand eligible for a refund. Kindly fill up the provided contact form, and anticipate a response within a span of 2 working days.

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