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How to skip text to read from the player?

Text To Speech TTS Pro offers the flexibility to skip or exclude specific text or content from the generated speech. This documentation explains how to exclude text or tag’s content using the plugin’s settings.

Excluding Texts or Tag’s Content

Follow these steps to skip specific text or tag’s content from the speech output:

  1. Access Text To Speech Settings:
  • Navigate to Text To Speech from the WordPress sidebar.
  1. Navigate to Settings:
  • Click on “Settings” within the Text To Speech menu.
  1. Exclude Texts To Speak or Exclude Tag’s Content:
  • Locate the options “Exclude Texts To Speak” or “Exclude Tag’s Content” in the settings.
  1. Input Text or Tag’s Content to Exclude:
  • Write or paste the text or tag’s content that you want to skip from the speech output.
  • If excluding multiple texts or tags, separate them using a pipe (|) character.
  1. Submit Changes:
  • After specifying the texts or tags to exclude, click on “Submit” to save your settings.

By following these steps and configuring the appropriate settings in Text To Speech TTS Pro, you can exclude specific text or tag’s content from the generated speech output. This feature provides customization options to tailor the speech output according to your preferences.

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